Bussarawan (Puk) Teerawichitchainan will give a talk on “Childlessness, Social Network Profiles in Midlife and Late Adulthood, and Their Implications for Subjective Well Being” on Feb 16

ABSTRACT:Objectives: Despite the rising prevalence of individuals reaching advanced age without children, little is known about the diversity in support networks within the childless populations. We examine socialnetwork profiles of […]

Dr. Taylor Hargrove will give a talk on “Manifestations of Structural Racism across the Life Course: Approaches and Implications for Health and Aging” on Nov 10

Abstract: Structural racism is a fundamental cause of health. It involves interconnection of institutions, laws, practices, and ideologies that organize racialized groups in a hierarchical structure. Increasing quantitative work has […]

Dr. Mónica Caudillo will give a talk on “Individual Behaviors and Health Inequalities: The Case of Preterm Birth during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Mexico” on Oct 20, 2023

Abstract: The public health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been extensively studied but little is known about how individuals’ adaptive behaviors, subject to heterogeneous structural constraints, drove disparities in […]

Dr. Feinian Chen will give a talk on “Adolescents’ Gender Beliefs in India: Does Mother’s Empowerment Matter?” on Sep 29

Abstract: Numerous studies have highlighted the positive influence of maternal empowerment on children’s health and education in the Global South. However, there remains a gap in understanding how maternal empowerment […]

Announcing New HPC Director Dr. Feinian Chen

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Feinian Chen as our new Director of Hopkins Population Center, effective Fall of 2023. Below is a message from Dr. Feinian […]

HPC Scientific Core Short Course Series 2: Social Sequence Analysis and Applications in Life Course Research

Social Sequence Analysis and Applications in Life Course Research Instructor: Wenxuan Huang, PhD Sequence analysis has been widely applied in life course research to understand the temporal pattern of life […]

Dr. Anqi (Angie) Liu will give a talk on “A Conservative Extrapolation Approach to Trustworthy AI” on March 31

Anqi (Angie) Liu, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Whiting School of Engineering of the Johns Hopkins University

Dr. James Evans will give a talk on “Designing Diversity for Sustained Societal Innovation”

Dr. James Evans, Max Palevksy Professor of Sociology, Director of Knowledge Lab, and Founding Faculty Director of Computational Social Science at the University of Chicago and the Santa Fe Institute […]

Dr. Michael Bader Will Give a Talk on “Neighborhood Racial Change in America during the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries”

Michael Bader, Associate Professor of Sociology, Director of 21CC (co-sponsored with 21CC) Abstract: In the face of changes to the American population since the Civil Rights Movement, we will tend to […]

Andrew C. Stokes Will Give a Talk on “Geographic and Temporal Patterns in COVID-19 and Excessive Mortality in the United States”

Founded in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Dr. Stokes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Global Health at Boston University School of Public Health, created and leads a […]