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Phase 3 Release of COVID-19 and Sociodemographic Data (11/2/2020)

(COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths are updated weekly.)

The HPC Data Hub is a data service infrastructure of the Hopkins Population Center (HPC). The HPC Data Hub offers U.S. county-level data on COVID-19 and sociodemographic data necessary for population-based social science, epidemiological, medical and public health research to provide evidence-based policy recommendations for curbing the pandemic. 

Timely and effective data on social, economic and health disparities are needed to respond appropriately to the pandemic as local situations change. Drawing from trusted sources, this data hub collects and manages county-level data on sociodemographic and health factors that influence the spread of COVID-19. The data hub also includes data on the status of COVID-19 related policies being rolled out across the country. 

The Phase-3 release data replace the Phase-2 data with important additions (e.g., updated state policies and human mobility; new county-level standard water accessibility). The data files and the corresponding dictionary files are coupled in 3 zipped files at our GitHub repository (Click github’s “code” tab and choose “download zip” which includes 3 zip files:,, and

  1. includes 4 datafiles in csv format and 1 dictionary file in csv format
    • Daily data on COVID-19 tested and confirmed cases and deaths (up to 11/9/2020)
    • Daily data on human mobility and social distancing
    • Timing data on state policy responses
    • Preexisting health care capacity variables
  2. includes 1 datafile in csv format and 1 dictionary file in xlsx format, containing the following data
    • Existing health and health care disparity 
    • Individual tax filing, individual and household income brackets
    • Population density per area and crowdedness per housing unit
    • Demographic structure by age, gender and race-ethnicity
    • Prevalence rates of diabetes, HIV, and smoking, conditions associated with more severe COVID-19 symptoms
  3. includes 1 datafile in csv format and 1 dictionary file in xlsx format
    • Monthly unemployment rate and size of labor force from January 2019 to August 2020
    • The county identity of spatial neighbors (for spatial analysis)

All data files include county names and FIPS codes to facilitate data combination of Data Hub files and external files. The daily data in this Data Hub is scheduled to routine update every Sunday.

User registration and feedback

The success of HPC Data Hub relies on users’ questions, feedback, and suggestions. The Github repository includes a registration form (to inform you of data updates) and a feedback form. The HPC Data Hub team is devoted to timely responding to users’ questions and suggestions. 

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The HPC Data Hub Team

Faculty: Dr. Qingfeng Li (lead), Dr. Alexandre White, Dr. Lingxin Hao

Students: Xingyun Wu, Apoorv Dayal, Aditya Suru, Jiaolong He, Giuliana Nicolucci-Altman, Gwyneth Wei