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What is safe to do during the pandemic?

A recent survey provides a snapshot of where Americans see the most danger — and where they’re most out of sync with experts. Faculty Associate Elizabeth Stuart is quoted. 14 other JHSPH experts […]

The Coronavirus Class Divide: Space and Privacy

“Shelter in place” is a dictate that assumes the existence of shelter — the safe, stable, controlled environment that poor people often lack. “The pandemic is a reminder that privacy […]

Don’t Expect a Quarantine Baby Boom

Not only do disasters have little effect, if any, on birthrates, the coronavirus pandemic will probably discourage couples from having children, experts say Faculty Associate Alison Gemmill is featured.

The Coronavirus Pandemic [Video]

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a worldwide pandemic for the new coronavirus. South Korea, along with China, was caught up in the controversy over the failure of the […]