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Is Medical Pot a Blessing for Seniors?

In states that legalized medical marijuana, there was a 4.8 percent decrease in reported pain for conditions that qualified for pot treatment (cancer, arthritis, glaucoma and pain), compared to states without medical marijuana. Similarly, 6.6 percent more seniors reported very good or excellent health in states with medical pot. Faculty Associate Lauren Hersch Nicholas is quoted.

Health Plans For State Employees Use Medicare’s Hammer On Hospital Bills

The new strategy of some health plans for state employees is to pay hospitals a certain percentage above the basic Medicare reimbursement rate. It allows hospitals a small profit, the states say, while reducing costs to states and patients. Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson is quoted.

How To End The Scourge Of Surprise Medical Bills In The Emergency Room

Opponents of the role of consumers and markets in health care have one go-to argument above all others: that you can’t shop for health care when you’re unconscious. The rising problem of gargantuan, surprise medical bills in surgical wards and emergency rooms shows that they have a point. The good news is that constructive, bipartisan […]

Arizona Law Restricts Tests for Fentanyl [Video]

Fentanyl test strips can detect the presence of the deadly drug in other drugs, such as OxyContin. But the strips could be considered drug paraphernalia under Arizona law. Faculty Associate Susan Sherman is interviewed.