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Democrats avoid infighting during drug pricing panel on Pelosi bill

Democrats avoided infighting during a hearing on prescription drug prices Wednesday, a positive sign for the passage of a bill recently introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Members of the Energy and Commerce subcommittee heard testimony from Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson, among others.

Almost Everywhere Fewer Children Are Dying

The sharp decline in childhood mortality reflects work by governments and international aid groups to fight child poverty and the diseases that are most lethal to poor children: neonatal disorders, pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria. Faculty Associate Li Liu is quoted.

Mitigating opioids’ harm

To curb the death toll of the opioid epidemic, it will require drug-use prevention and the treatment of addiction — both long mainstays of the public-health response to substance abuse. Faculty Associate Susan Sherman is quoted.

Where Tourism Brings Pricey Health Care, Locals Fight Back

In an area where average emergency room claims reached 842% of Medicare rates, residents of a Colorado county found relief by joining forces and negotiating prices directly with the local hospital. Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson is quoted.

Domestic Batterers Should Be Tracked on a Watch List

Every 16 hours, a woman in the United States is fatally shot by a current or former partner. Intimate partner homicide is one of the leading causes of death for women in the country, with nearly half of all murdered women killed by a partner. Faculty Associate Jacquelyn Campbell is mentioned.

Senate Finance Committee to consider drug costs

Drug prices just keep rising – at five times the rate of inflation. the bipartisan measure would add an out-of -pocket maximum for Medicare beneficiaries and force companies to pay money back if their prices rise above inflation. Faculty Associate Gerard Andersonis quoted.

The Health 202: These are the judges holding Obamacare’s future in their hands

California and other Democrat-led states are defending the Affordable Care Act, who fear its consumer protections and insurance expansions could be wiped out in a moment. They’ve stepped up to defend the law because President Trump’s Justice Department is refusing to do so — even though a decision overturning the law would create a logistical and […]