Dr. Feinian Chen will give a talk on “Adolescents’ Gender Beliefs in India: Does Mother’s Empowerment Matter?” on Sep 29


Abstract: Numerous studies have highlighted the positive influence of maternal empowerment on children’s health and education in the Global South. However, there remains a gap in understanding how maternal empowerment shapes children’s gender beliefs. This study leverages data from the India Human Development Survey to investigate this relationship in the Indian context. Recognizing
the multifaceted nature of women’s empowerment, we employ latent class analysis to construct a six-class empowerment typology based on criteria such as mothers’ education, employment status, decision making authority within the household, mobility outside the home, and participation in women’s organizations. Our findings reveal varying levels of empowerment across these dimensions. Maternal empowerment’s association with egalitarian gender beliefs is salient among adolescent girls, but not boys. By illustrating the complex interplay between multiple dimensions of maternal empowerment and children’s gender beliefs in India, this study advances the empirical and theoretical understanding of women’s empowerment and the effects of mothers’ behaviors on children’s gender beliefs

Date and Time: Sep 29th, 2023 2-3pm, a reception follows (3-5pm)

Location: 3505 N Charles St. Room 102 or via Zoom https://zoom.us/j/6389779811