Dr. Taylor Hargrove will give a talk on “Manifestations of Structural Racism across the Life Course: Approaches and Implications for Health and Aging” on Nov 10


Abstract: Structural racism is a fundamental cause of health. It involves interconnection of institutions, laws, practices, and ideologies that organize racialized groups in a hierarchical structure. Increasing quantitative work has focused on capturing manifestations of structural racism and examining its relationship with health. Yet, longitudinal studies of structural racism and aging-related health inequalities, particularly across different domains of structural racism and at various geographic levels, are sparse. In this talk, I will present preliminary findings on the relationship between manifestations of structural racism and physiological markers of health and aging among a national cohort of early midlife adults from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. I will also provide detail on current and future measures of structural racism that will be made available to researchers across the globe.