Birth Rates Have Risen in States With Abortion Bans

Alison Gemmill is quoted at HealthDay.

Overturning of Roe v. Wade led to 32,000 additional births, study finds

Alison Gemmill is quoted at Fox News.

“Lloyd’s played a central role in the underwriting of marine insurance pertaining to the slave trade.”

—Alexandre White, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, on hisresearch linking the insurance market to the transatlantic slave trade. Reuters, November 8, 2023 

Lloyd’s of London to invest $65M following slavery report by Assistant professor Alexandre White and the Black Beyond Data team

Assistant professor Alexandre White and the Black Beyond Data team examined material from the Lloyd’s archive, including ledgers where insurers recorded policies for ships leaving Liverpool as part of the […]

More babies are dying in the U.S.: Details on the troubling trend

Alison Gemmill is quoted at USA Today.

Seriously, why aren’t millennials having kids?

Alison Gemmill is quoted at The Washington Post

Andreea Creanga received a 7-year/$13+ million NIH grant for work on maternal health

Andreea announced: “I’m thrilled to share that our NIH application to establish a Maternal Health Data Innovation Hub and coordinate research across six Maternal Health Research Centers of Excellence in […]

Study cited by Texas judge in abortion-pill case under investigation

Suzanne Bell is quoted at News from the States.

Texas abortion ban led to almost 10,000 additional live births

Suzanne Bell and Alison Gemmill are quoted at The Hill.

Nearly 9,800 more births occurred in Texas a year after the state’s 2021 abortion ban: Study

Alison Gemmill is quoted at ABC News.