As D.C. mask restrictions ease, many choose to stay covered

Many were reluctant to take risks as coronavirus case and hospitalization rates rise and before families gather indoors for winter holidays, which experts predict could cause a spike.Liz Stuart is quoted […]

Why the Child Tax Credit Matters

Economist and congressional adviser Robert Moffitt discusses how the American Rescue Plan’s monthly allowance is lifting children out of poverty, cutting food insecurity, and investing in children as a society. 

A four-point plan to vaccinate America’s elementary-school-age children [Opinion]

Getting as many kids ages 5-11 vaccinated as quickly as possible by providing convenient, equitable and trustworthy vaccination sites will be crucial for limiting spread in schools and in the […]

Parents of 5-to-11-year-olds race to line up coronavirus vaccine appointments

Pediatricians and schools here have been inundated with requests from parents racing to get their children vaccinated in time for Thanksgiving and winter holiday travel plans.Liz Stuart is quoted at The […]

American approach to crime based on a myth [Opinion]

For decades our approach to crime has been based on a fallacy. The notion is quite simple: Arresting and prosecuting people for minor, so-called “quality-of-life” offenses prevents major — and […]

Distributing housing assistance as cash

“The research on the Earned Income Tax Credit points to the idea that recipients experienced a sense of agency and dignity when they received a lump sum of money, and […]

Why Is Good Medical Advice for Pregnant Women So Hard to Find?

A recent warning about the pain reliever acetaminophen is a reminder that health risks in pregnancy remain maddeningly, dangerously understudied.Xiaobin Wang is quoted at The New York Times. 

Victoria recorded highest number of daily COVID cases in Australia [Video]

We examine Victoria’s highest tally of COVID cases and why it’s expected there’s worse to come. Plus students returning back to the classrooms and mandatory mask wearing in Victorian schools.Liz […]

Report finds inequities in Maryland’s early childhood education system [Video]

A new report released Wednesday finds a quality early childhood education system must first be an equitable one. The report finds that quality childcare remains out of reach for families across […]

Keeping Kids Safe [Podcast]

Liz Stuart, Professor of Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, discusses keeping kids safe from Covid at Bloomberg.