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Saifuddin Ahmen quoted in Forbes

Dr. Saifuddin Ahmen is quoted in an article in relation to Pope Francis’s recent comment on the use of contraception in the face of Zika virus threat.  He said: Hopefully the explanations of the causal pathways were captured appropriately. Our Lancet paper work was the  central piece of the arguments for the justifications of contraceptive […]

David Bishai co-authors an op-ed piece in The Baltimore Sun

Dr. David Bishai, along with Dr. Clive Shiff, wrote an op-ed article featured in the Baltimore Sun on how to best combat Zika virus using public health avenues as opposed to high tech means.  The article can be found here.

Kathy Edin’s work shapes Presidential Initiative

Dr. Kathy Edin’s (along with her co-author Luke Schaefer) book “$2.00 A Day: Living on Almost Nothing In America” was a major influence in President Obama’s proposed initiative, The Emergency Aid and Service Connection, to help those in extreme poverty with short-term aid for emergencies.  The article detailing the proposal can be found at the Huffington […]

Thomas LaVeist to Co-Lead a Diversity in Health Policy Research Initiative

Associate Thomas LaVeist is set to co-lead (along with Harolyn M.E. Belcher) a new leadership initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  According to the foundation, “The DHPR program will support doctoral students from underrepresented and/or disadvantaged populations by providing training in health policy, health equity, and population health. They will gain the needed […]