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If You’re Not Sure What Red Nose Day Is, You’re Not Alone

May 24th is Red Nose Day in the United States. The British charity Comic Relief started the event in England in 1985, and has raised $1.4 billion that has been distributed to charities that fight child poverty. Faculty Associate David Bishai is quoted.

Fentanyl test strips detect deadly synthetic opioid in drug supply

Public health advocates and officials are at odds over programs that allow drug users to bring in their illicit drugs to test them for a deadly synthetic opioid. Health advocates say such programs help reduce fatal overdoses by fentanyl, a powerful synthetic that has taken lives and ravaged communities across the country. Faculty Associate Susan […]

Trump rolls out drug price plan but it’s still a work in progress

Many of the policies the government listed in its 44-page “American Patients First” plan are either modest steps the administration has already taken, or policies that it has identified as needing further time and study. Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson is quoted.

People Are Using a $1 Test Strip to Check Their Drugs for Fentanyl

Fentanyl, an opioid drug 50 times more potent than heroin is now the leading cause of fatal overdoses nationwide, killing about two people a day in Baltimore alone. Public health experts nationwide, mostly in big cities, are providing fentanyl test strips to drug users to let them test the drugs for themselves. Faculty Associate Susan Sherman, one […]

Black and white adult children are moving back home, but for different reasons

Studies focused on 21 to 24-year-olds between 2001 and 2013 indicate that the motivation behind young adults choosing to live at home varies by race. The research could have implications for policymakers looking to address the economic health of young adults. Faculty Associate Sandra Newman, with the Institute for Health and Social Policy, is quoted.

California Considers Medical Price Controls

Proponents of medical price controls in California argue that government intervention is necessary to counter the anticompetitive market power of key providers Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson is quoted.

Bill Of The Month: A Tale Of 2 CT Scanners — One Richer, One Poorer

Benjamin Hynden, a financial adviser in Fort Myers, Fla, got two cat scans, one at an imaging center, the other in a hospital ER. The first bill was $298. The second, from the hospital, was $10,174.75. The segment unpacks the price difference. Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson is quoted.