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Shift the Focus: Stigma–Are you guilty?

Our society perpetuates the stigma associated with substance use and addiction. The disapproval of the topic negatively impacts public health interventions; in turn, those suffering from addiction and their relatives addiction find themselves in difficult financial and medical situations. This article looks into how stigma is based on assumptions and, or, preconceptions about an issue, […]

US fertility rate hits historic low, data shows

In the United States, the number of women giving birth has reached a historic low. Women in their 20s are having fewer babies than before, yet while women in their 30s and 40s are increasingly having babies, this is not enough to offset the overall birthrate decline. The birthrate compared to last year has fallen […]

Anne Burke awarded a 2017 Discovery Award

Hopkins Population Center Associate Anne Burke was awarded with a 2017 Discovery Award for her research titled Virtual Training to Increase Pediatric Self-efficacy and Skill in Intrauterine Device Placement: Continuing Education Without Compromising Patient Study.