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Inequality Makes People Hate

As inequality increases, so does polarization. Extreme policies pushed by the superwealthy have resulted in a self-reinforcing dynamic in which concentrations for economic and political power feed off each other. Faculty Associate Andrew Cherlin’s writing is quoted.

Q&A: Medicare-for-all is getting a shot of attention. But what does it really mean?

Medicare-for-all is now drawing a surprising amount of attention and support. The bill would create a single national health insurance program that would replace the country’s hodgepodge system in which people get health insurance through employers, Medicare, Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or buy it privately. Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson is featured.

What Is All That Confidence About?

According to the Global Adolescent Study and other surveys, gender stereotypes often interfere with confidence. Faculty Associate Robert Blum is quoted.

Owning Real Estate Has Not Panned Out for Many African-Americans

Politicians and advocates have long touted homeownership as the best way to build wealth, saying that over the long term, home values go in only one direction: up. But since the dawn of the 21st century, that promise has been an empty one for many African-Americans. Faculty Associate Sandra Newman is quoted.

Statistics can save lives [Opinion]

The evidenced-based approach to estimating the deaths from natural disasters illustrates how mortality may occur. These complete measurements of storm impacts are critically important for future disaster planning. Faculty Baltimore Karen Bandeen-Roche is a co-author of the piece.