Medicaid and the Evolution of the US Transfer System After the Great Recession

  • Robert Moffitt
  • 01/01/16-05/31/17

In a project funded by the Russell Sage Foundation, he will extend his June 2015 Demography PAA Presidential Address charting trends from 1984 to 2011 in social transfers to the deep poor, the shallow poor, and the near poor to included estimates of transfers from the Medicaid program, which were omitted from his initial study.  Using the Medical Expenditure Panel Study (MEPS) starting in 1996, he will be able to calculate the amount of government expenditure on families of different private income levels.  Whether the findings change the results of my prior work—which showed that transfers fallen for the deep poor but risen for the shallow poor and near poor—will be the main focus of the study.  That will be determined by whether growth in Medicaid transfers has occurred differentially at different private income levels.

Photo: “Medicaid” by Mike is licensed under CC BY 2.0