A Comparison Of Firearm-related Intimate Partner Homicide In Texas And Maryland

Intimate partner homicide (IPH) accounts for one-fifth of U.S. homicides, with the majority of IPH and nearly all (91.6%) of intimate-partner related homicide-suicides (IPH-S) committed by firearms. While much is […]

Housing and Healthy Child Development

This research will test whether assisted housing (i.e., public housing, housing vouchers, and privately-owned, publicly assisted housing) affects children’s healthy development by reducing family housing cost burden, and/or by improving […]

Methods and Applications for Massive One-mode and Bipartite Social Networks

This research project will advance methods of estimation and inference for large-scale network models. The modeling of network data has important applications in many areas, including sociology, economics, marketing, and […]

Housing affordability and child health

Project Summary Although safe and affordable housing is a critical foundation for child health, such housing is in short supply. To address the lack of affordable housing, policymakers developed the […]

How Housing Vouchers Affect Biology and Health

This proposal has two aims. The first is to conduct an experiment varying the offer of a housing voucher within the national Section 8 Housing Program and to test how […]

Housing Effects on Children’s Development

The primary goal of this research is to assess the effects of housing on low- and moderate-income families with children using a population-based, econometrically-oriented approach. Our specific aims are to […]

Moving to Opportunity: Platform to Improve Health

The goal of this project is to test the feasibility of linking Moving To Opportunity (MTO) with insurance claims data.  MTO is a social experiment in which families living in […]

Youth and Adult Microfinance to Improve Resilience Outcomes in DRC

Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the setting for our study, has primarily been characterized by a loss of security, unpredictability and lack of structure in daily life. Essential services […]

Medicaid and the Evolution of the US Transfer System After the Great Recession

In a project funded by the Russell Sage Foundation, he will extend his June 2015 Demography PAA Presidential Address charting trends from 1984 to 2011 in social transfers to the […]

Switching Schools and Navigating Neighborhoods: Can Housing Vouchers Improve Educational Achievement for Low Income Minority Youth?

This study capitalizes on the Baltimore Mobility Program, an innovative housing voucher intervention, to explore whether improvements in neighborhood access translate into gains in educational opportunity and achievement for poor […]