What is safe to do during the pandemic?

A recent survey provides a snapshot of where Americans see the most danger — and where they’re most out of sync with experts. Faculty Associate Elizabeth Stuart is quoted. 14 other JHSPH experts […]

Hospitals fear being shortchanged in coronavirus funding

The Trump administration has been moving quickly to distribute CARES Act funding to hospitals and doctors, but providers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are worried they will […]

The Coronavirus Class Divide: Space and Privacy

“Shelter in place” is a dictate that assumes the existence of shelter — the safe, stable, controlled environment that poor people often lack. “The pandemic is a reminder that privacy […]

Show compassion for sex workers and drug users during COVID-19 pandemic | Commentary

Instead of intensifying the isolation of marginalized people in ways that will only further endanger their health, we can tap into the sense of communal responsibility generated by the pandemic […]

Don’t Expect a Quarantine Baby Boom

Not only do disasters have little effect, if any, on birthrates, the coronavirus pandemic will probably discourage couples from having children, experts say Faculty Associate Alison Gemmill is featured.

Pay cuts, furloughs, and layoffs for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are mounting as the coronavirus pandemic hits hospitals

Hospitals are seeing massive revenue losses during the coronavirus pandemic, and their workers are taking a direct financial hit. Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson is quoted.

Hogan should follow Mosby’s lead and release older, parole-approved offenders from state prisons

Marilyn Mosby, State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, has urged Gov. Larry Hogan to set free all inmates over the age of 60 in state prisons, anyone approved for parole, and […]

4 reasons America needs a new coronavirus crisis insurance program based on Medicare

Borrow Medicare’s medical and billing infrastructure to give everyone in America access to coronavirus diagnosis, treatment and recovery services.Joshua Sharfstein, Jennifer Nuzzo, and Faculty Associate Gerard Anderson are co-contributors.

Take A Deep Breath: Making Risk-Based Decisions In The Coronavirus Era

The better individuals are now at social distancing to slow transmission of the virus, the better off we’ll all be eventually. Faculty Associate Elizabeth Stuart is quoted.

The Coronavirus Pandemic [Video]

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a worldwide pandemic for the new coronavirus. South Korea, along with China, was caught up in the controversy over the failure of the […]