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COVID-19 in US Counties: Can Public Health Bend the Curve


Associate Name: David Bishai

Funding Source/Period of the Grant: HPC Pilot Research Program 04/14/2020 - 12/31/2020

Project Description

Specific Aims:
1. Validate two parallel measures of each US county’s success in controlling COVID19: A) Peak incidence in Cases and Deaths per 100,000; B) Gap between time in days from 10th case or death to peak incidence.
2. Test whether US county success in controlling COVID19 is correlated with indicators of county spending on public health and social services in the last 5 years controlling for the recent overall performance of the county’s economy and county’s make up of race, ethnicity, age, education, and health risk behavior.
3. Test whether US county success is correlated with both the timing of COVID-19 control policies and measures of county compliance with control measures as reflected by mobility after controlling for county socio-demographic factors.