Scientific Core


  • Lingxin Hao , Director of HPC, Professor of Sociology, is the Scientific Core Director
  • Ciprian Crainiceanu, Professor of Biostatistics, is the Method Service Lead
  • Qingfeng Li, Assistant Professor, International Health, is the Data Service Lead
  • Ricardo Sanchez, IT specialist, is the Computing Service Lead

Email Lingxin Hao ( and Ciprian Crainiceanu ( for inquiries regarding Methods Service

Email Lingxin Hao ( and Qingfeng Li ( for inquiries regarding Data Service

Email Lingxin Hao ( and Ricardo Sanchez ( for inquiries regarding Computing Service

Methods Service

Advanced Data Analytics

  • Sensor Data (Ciprian Crainiceanu, Steve Morgan)
  • Biomarker Data (Xiaobin Wang, Pamela Surkan, Xiumei Hong, Nilanjan Chatterjee)
  • Population-scale social networks (Angelo Mele, Lingxin Hao)

Advanced Demographic Measurement and Modeling

  • Demographic measurement (Philip Anglewicz, Linear Zimmerman, Li Liu, Alice Gemmill)
  • Bayesian models (Li Liu)
  • Causal inferences (Elizabeth Stuart, Steve Morgan, Robert Moffitt, Yingyao Hu, David Bishai)

Data Collection Methods in the 21st Century

  • Digital survey methods (Steve Morgan, Lingxin Hao)
  • Long-term panel surveys (Philip Anglewicz, Linear Zimmerman, Li Liu, Alice Gemmill)
  • Assessing and achieving population representativeness (Nilanjan Chatterjee, Robert Moffitt, Yingyao Hu)
  • Innovative combination of qualitative data and econometrics (Stefanie DeLuca, Nicholas Papageorge, Sara Johnson, Rachel Thornton)

Data Service

HPC Data Hub on COVID-19 (see the Data Hub page of this HPC website)

Computing Service

A “Cold Room” for confidential data use in stand-alone workstations. The cold room is located in the HPC site at 3505 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Currently the Cold Room workstations has installed Add Health Confidential Data on an HPC data use license.

A server, Tsingtao, provides high memory, large storage space, Stata, and MPlus for HPC Associates who needs computing capacity greater than their own desktop or laptop. Tsingtao also facilitates group projects.

* Please acknowledge any services you received from HPC’s Cores in your presentations, conference papers, working papers, and publications using the suggested language: “This research was supported by the Hopkins Population Center and its infrastructure grant (R24HD042854) from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.”