Development Core


  • Li Liu, Associate Director of HPC, is the Development Core Director.
  • Representatives of the HPC Primary Research Areas (PRAs)
    • Steve Mogan, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, is the Representative of the PRA Poverty and Inequality
    • Philip Anglewicz, William G. Robertson, Jr. Professor in Population and Family Planning, is the Representative of the PRA Sexual and Reproductive Health
    • Xiaobin Wang, Zanvyl Krieger Professor in Children’s Health, is the representative of the PRA Family, Maternal and Child Health
  • Alison Gemmill, Early-Career-Associate Representative

Contact Li Liu ( and the specific PRA representative to request services of the Development Core.

Early-Career Associate (ECA) Programs

  • Grant exchange repository. The Repository hosts successful and active PDB projects by HPC Associates.
  • Specific Aims workshop. This workshop organizes a panel of experienced PIs with PDB-relevant grants to serve as rapid reviewers on ECAs’ one-page Specific Aims.
  • Support for attending NIH and other grant workshops

Research Theme Working Groups

  • Social Factors and Multi-Omics (Xiaobin Wang, Xiumei Hong, Pamela Surkan, Nilanjan Chetterjee, Lingxin Hao, Li Liu)
  • Sensor and Health (Ciprian Crainiceanu, Lingxin Hao, Julia Burdick-Will, Marc Stein)
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning (Philip Anglewicz, Linnea Zimmerman, Saifuddin Ahmed, David Bishai, Mechell Decker, Caroline Moreau, Li Liu, and Amy Tsui)
  • Innovative Demography (Li Liu, Philip Anglewicz, Andreea Creanga, Francisco Villanvicencio, Alice Gemmill, David Bishai, Dona Strobino, Tsui, Linnea Zimmerman, Qingfeng Li, and Saifuddin Ahmed)
  • Population-Scale Network and Inequality (Angelo Mele, Lingxin Hao) 

The Pilot Research Program

  • Regular call
    • In each year, three awards are given by HPC cosponsored with Alliance of A Healthier World (AHW), 21st Century Cities (21CC), and Institute for Data-Intensive Engineering and Science (IDIES), respectively.
  • One-time call
    • Lightning Pilot Research on COVID-19 (closed)

Single-Purpose Support Programs

HPC support ECAs to acquire new knowledge and skills through participation short-term training programs such as summer workshops that is necessary for seeking NICHD-PDB grants.

* Please acknowledge any services you received from HPC’s Cores in your presentations, conference papers, working papers, and publications using the suggested language: “This research was supported by the Hopkins Population Center and its infrastructure grant (R24HD042854) from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.”