Development Core

The Development Core invests in junior faculty scholars, link and mentor researchers, build research teams, and advance new initiatives.

Co-Directors of the Development Core:

  • Andrew Cherlin (Sociology) is a prominent family demographer studying low- and moderate income parents and their children with a recent focus on child health in deeply-poor families​​.
  • Crag Pallock (School of Medicine) is a physician who uses methods from social epidemiology and health services research to investigate the relationship between housing, neighborhood environments, and health outcomes.

Contact Andrew Cherlin and Craig Pollack to request services of the Development Core.

Development Core Services

  • The Pilot Program
    • Assist junior associates through entire research/grants process from obtaining pilot grants, conducting pilot research, and submitting NICHD-PDB grants.
    • Link junior associates with senior researcher on both substantive and methodological fronts, aiming at forming interdisciplinary research teams.
  • Facilitate Research Interest Groups
    • preterm birth
    • contraceptive use
    • extreme poverty
    • demographic measurements and methods
    • physical and social environment and child health