JHU Discovery 2020 Awards to HPC Associates

Congratulations to the HPC Associates who received the Discovery 2020 awards!

Addressing the Double Disparity: Food Insecurity among People with Disabilities– Bonnielin Swenor (Medicine), Laura Samuel (Nursing), Sarah Szanton (Nursing), Elizabeth Stuart (Public Health), Nicholas Reed (Public Health) & Roland Thorpe (Public Health)

Analyzing Barriers and Facilitators to Enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program among Latino Children in Immigrant Families– Sarah Polk (Medicine), Lingxin Hao (Arts & Sciences), Elizabeth Ogburn (Public Health), Daniela Rodriquez (Public Health) & Maya Venkataramani (Medicine)

COVID-19 Related School Closings, Re-openings, and Household Mental, Social, and Economic Outcomes– Elizabeth Stuart (Public Health), Annette Anderson (Education), Megan Collins (Berman Institute) & Sarah Johnson (Medicine)

Harnessing Antibody Profiles and Multi-omics Data to Delineate Drivers of the “Allergic March”– Ben Larman (Medicine), Xiumei Hong (Public Health), Hongkai Ji (Public Health) & Xiaobin Wang (Public Health)

Immersive storytelling and artificial intelligence can raise awareness, build empathy and inspire action to improve the health care response to violence against women– Nancy Glass (Nursing) & Gabo Arora (Arts & Sciences)