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Should your child’s teacher also be their therapist?

Today’s schools are increasingly filled with anxious, depressed students and teachers on the verge of burnout and breakdown, experts say, leading many districts and educational associations to list mental health as their number one concern. Christina Bethell is quoted.

Feminists Work Harder at Math,More Likely to Sacrifice Men, Study Says

Research shows that gender stereotypes not only are harmful to girls’ success; they can also affect their health. For example, the idea that girls are weak and sexual objects puts them at great risk for harm. New research on gender stereotypes, and the protection that feminism may offer, can help us better minimize harm from all forms…

HPC Recognizes 2018 Catalyst Award recipients

Hopkins Population Center Faculty Associates Kamila Alexander and Nicholas Papageorge were each individually awarded Catalyst Awards in June 2018. Catalyst Awards entail a $75,000 grant, mentoring opportunities, and institutional recognition.

HPC Recognizes 2018 Discovery Award recipients

Faculty Associates Xiaobin Wang, Nilanjan Chatterjee, and Tak Igusa, along other Johns Hopkins faculty receive a 2018 JHU Discovery Award for their proposal entitled “Harnessing Big Data and Machine Learning to Develop Tools for Autism Risk Prediction and Intervention.” This research is interdisciplinary, utilizing expertise from Public Health, Medicine, and Engineering. Faculty Associate Jeffrey Grigg…

Maryland to see increase in fentanyl drug testing strips

Since drug checking recently became legal in Maryland, there will be an increase in the number of drug testing strips that will be used to test illicit substances for traces of fentanyl. A research center in Baltimore is giving out the fentanyl testing strips to study how people use them and how it affects drug use.…

Opinion: Suicides Rates Are Rising. What Should We Do About It?

It is estimated that more than 90 percent of those who die by suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder. This means that, in theory, suicide should be preventable if the right treatment can be delivered to people who have these psychiatric illnesses. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know which treatments are most effective at preventing suicides…

California Funds Fentanyl Test Strips

Since last May, California has invested $57,000 on doling out the test strips, worth $1 each, to half of the state’s 45 needle exchanges. Faculty Associate Susan Sherman is quoted.

Failed Bush-era drug-pricing program may make more sense under Trump

A failed Bush-era program aimed at curbing the cost of doctor-administered drugs might actually work if the Trump administration has the political will to revive it, a number of independent drug experts agree. The Competitive Acquisition Program, which allows third parties to negotiate with manufacturers for drugs that physicians then buy, was among the ideas included…

Put a Ring on It? Millennial Couples Are in No Hurry

Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins, calls these “capstone marriages.” “The capstone is the last brick you put in place to build an arch,” Dr. Cherlin said. “Marriage used to be the first step into adulthood. Now it is often the last. Faculty Associate Andrew Cherlin provides his insight.

If You’re Not Sure What Red Nose Day Is, You’re Not Alone

May 24th is Red Nose Day in the United States. The British charity Comic Relief started the event in England in 1985, and has raised $1.4 billion that has been distributed to charities that fight child poverty. Faculty Associate David Bishai is quoted.