National Maternal and Child Health Data Resource Center

Associate Name: Christina Bethell

Funding Source/Period of the Grant: HRSA U59 07/01/14-04/30/18


The purpose of the National Maternal and Child Health Data Resource Center (DRC) Cooperative Agreement Program is to support a diverse population of stakeholders in the valid and standardized use of national, state, and community level data as it relates to the health of women, children and families.  This cooperative agreement program will support the maintenance and expansion of a DRC that highlights, describes, and facilitates access to publicly available data with a focus on increasing access to and timely utilization of maternal and child health (MCH) data among state and local governments and non-governmental organizations, including HRSA grantees.  Activities to increase both the availability of relevant data and the analytic capability of stakeholders will be done in a manner that aligns with and supports the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s (MCHB) initiative to evaluate the effectiveness of MCH programming through the use of national and state-selected performance measures.  For the 2015-2018 funding cycle, the objectives of this project are:  1) Continue a strategic expansion of the MCH-relevant datasets available on the DRC’s website to support the changing analytic needs of MCH stakeholders.  Specifically, this expansion will include state-level estimates for a selection of the newly specified national outcome and performance measures under the Title V MCH Services Block Grant. 2) Increase the number and diversity of stakeholders who utilize this resource while ensuring that the resource remains both scientifically-sound and user-friendly. 3) Support state and local MCH programs in the utilization of valid and standardized data to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness, including state-initiated tracking of “real time” data for high priority MCH indicators where feasible.  (from HRSA Data Warehouse)

Photo: “Numbers and Finance” by Ken Teegardin is licensed under CC BY 2.0