Social Ecology of Males’ Health Risks and Healthcare Use from Middle Childhood to Young Adulthood

Associate Name: Arik Marcell

Funding Source/Period of the Grant: HPC Pilot 6/1/16-5/31/17


The goal of the study is to gain a better foundational understanding of how boys’ health and healthcare use behaviors change from middle childhood to young adulthood using a population-wide sample, with a focus on risks for sexually-transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies.  Using data from the NLSY79-Child and Young Adult Survey, Marcell will explore boys’ patterns of health, including sexual health and drug use, and use of healthcare from middle childhood to young adulthood within and across diverse male populations, and will identify socio-ecological influences on healthcare use trajectories and the onset of risky behaviors.  Marcell aims to write an NICHD proposal based on his pilot work.



Photo: "Being Healthy is Beautiful" by Army Medicine is licensed under CC BY 2.0