Computing Services

The aim of the HPC’s Computing Services is to establish and maintain an environment in which computing and other information technology resources can be used effectively and efficiently to support research activities of HPC Faculty Associates.

Computing Services collaborates with Information Services to take advantage of new digital technology to access and disseminate information. They also work very closely with the Information Technology department of the Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH) and other related departments in the University to respond to requests from associates no matter where they are located.

The computing core supports HPC associates’ research by hosting restricted data on HPC servers and through acquisition, organization, and management of restricted secondary data sets used by Faculty Associates. The primary task of this work is to establish and maintain restricted data use agreements and a secure server for analysis of restricted data.  The computing core supervises and maintains all related restricted data paperwork and overall administration of two enclaves for the analysis of restricted-access data:  (1) a non-internet based “cold room” for restricted and confidential data analyses that must be performed on equipment that is not connected to the internet; and (2) an internet-based computer lab that allows computers to securely connect to the HPC’s restricted data server.  Both rooms serve HPC Faculty Associates and their research assistants working on research projects.

Guidance for Restricted-use data acquisition and storage.

Contact Information:

Michele Trieb
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Hopkins Population Center
615 N. Wolfe Street, E-4643
Phone: 410-502-3187